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Toyama Kitokito Airport

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The gateway of sky to Toyama, where you can enjoy various scenes such as the start of your sightseeing, Toyama cuisine, souvenir shopping, and more. Enjoy a refreshing 360 degree panoramic view from the observation deck. Also take in the view of the Tateyama mountains in the east and the lush green river landscape in the west that is unique to Toyama! The first floor of the airport has an exhibition corner of historical model airplanes on display. There is also plenty of Toyama cuisine to be had! There are four Japanese-style restaurants and cafes, including Kaiten Toyama Sushi, where you can enjoy fresh fish from Toyama Bay, and specialty Himi udon noodles. Maidohaya souvenir shop offers a range of special products from Toyama prefecture, such as Masuzushi (raw fish served on a bed vinegared rice), processed seafood products, and crafts. The somewhat unusual medicine souvenirs from Kokando, with its history of selling medicines that can only be found in Toyama, are recommended. It is an airport where everyone traveling in Toyama or who are leaving on a trip can have a good time.

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More Information about Toyama Kitokito Airport

Street address

30 Akigashima, Toyama City


  • Around 60 minutes from Haneda Airport
    (Depart Haneda / Arrive in Toyama)
    07:55 / 08:55
    09:40 / 10:40
    18:00 / 19:00
    19:50 / 20:45

Opening Hours

Terminal Building Business Hours
Airport Operation Hours


Open throughout the year


Best season

All year


・"TOYAMA Free Wi-Fi" is available throughout the building.

■ Foreign currency exchange counter (US dollars, Chinese yuan, Korean won, and Taiwan dollars)


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