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House of Light

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James Turrell, House of Light, photo by Tsutomu Yamagda

The roof slides open to allow visitors to stare up at the changing light of the sky after sunset. The section of sky, enclosed by the square opening, changes from pale blue to ultramarine blue, then jet black, turning our attention to the transience of light that we normally take for granted. Optical fibers have been installed throughout the facility, from the bathtub to alcoves, bedrooms, etc., and soaking in the bathtub envelops the bather in a mystical light. The facility has three living rooms, a kitchen, a washroom, a bathroom and a car park. Accommodation is available for up to 12 guests, and it is a highly popular facility.

More Information about House of Light

Street address

2891 Uenoko, Tokamachi City, Niigata Prefecture


  • Around 2 hours from JR Tokyo Station. Get off at Tokamachi Station and ride a taxi for around 15 minutes

Opening Hours

11:30-15:30 (April to October)
11:30-15:00 (November to March)


Irregular holidays


Best season

All year



Spots around

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